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We fund projects that make a difference by tackling shared challenges across the North Sea Region. Discover our projects making the North Sea Region a better place.

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[NorthSEE] A North Sea Perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environment Aspects in MSP
[BEESPOKE] Benefitting Ecosystems through Evaluation of food Supplies for Pollination to Open up Knowledge for End users
[BEGIN] Blue Green Infrastructure through Social Innovation
[BWN] Building with Nature
[C5A] Cluster for Cloud to Coast Climate Change Adaptation
[CANAPE] Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems
[FAIR] Flood infrastructure Asset management and Investment in Renovation, adaptation and maintenance
[FRAMES] Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-layEred Safety
[GEANS] Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region
[IMMERSE] IMplementing MEasuRes for Sustainable Estuaries
[Jomopans] Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise North Sea
[NSW] North Sea Wrecks - An Opportunity for Blue Growth : Healthy Environment, Shipping, Energy Production and -transmission
[NuReDrain] Nutrients Removal and Recovery from Drainage Water
[PARTRIDGE] Protecting the Areas Resources Through Researched Innovative Demonstration of Good Examples
[Sullied Sediments] Sullied Sediments - Sediment Assessment and Clean Up Pilots in Inland Waterways in the North Sea Region
[TOPSOIL] Top soil and water - The climate challenge in the near subsurface
[WaterCoG] Water Co-Governance for sustainable ecosystems
[CATCH] water sensitive Cities: the Answer To CHallenges of extreme weather events

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