Below is an overview of approved projects of the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

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Priority 1 Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies

[EXSKALLERATE] ACCELERATE adoption of EXOSKELETONS for construction and manufacturing applications in the North Sea Region.
[BLING] Blockchain in Government
[COM³] Building COMpetencies for COMpetitive COMpanies
[CORA] COnnecting Remote Areas with digital infrastructure and services
[CC] Create Converge
[CUPIDO] Culture Power: Inspire to Develop Rural Areas
[I2I] From Isolation to Inclusion: innovation in social service delivery to improve social inclusion and counteract loneliness in the NSR
[FBD] Futures By Design (Copy)
[GrowIn 4.0] Growing into Industry 4.0 - Accelerate growth in manufacturing SMEs
[In For Care] Informal care and voluntary assistance: Innovation in service delivery in the North Sea Region
[Inn2POWER] Innovation to Push Offshore Wind Energy Regions
[Like!] Like! Building a Local Digital Innovation Culture
[Inno-Quarter] Open Innovation Quarters for quick end-user feedback and support of new products and services
[PERISCOPE] Platform for Expanding Regional Innovation SCOPE for blue growth
[PROWAD LINK] PROWAD LINK PROTECT & PROSPER: Benefits through linking sustainable growth with nature protection
[REFRAME] REFRAME - Towards a Regional Food Frame
[RIGHT] RIGHT skills for the RIGHT future
[SHINE] Shared value creation in the Healthcare economy through INtegrated business modEls
[SCORE] Smart Cities + Open Data RE-use
[Northern Connections] Strategic Transnational Cluster Cooperation - unlocking the potential for regional innovation
[NorthTick] Tick-Borne Infections in the North Sea Region - A Competence Network to Improve Public Service Delivery based on a One Health Perspective Full Application in Call 9

Priority 2 Eco-innovation: Stimulating the green economy

[ACCESS] Advancing Communities towards low-Carbon Energy Smart System
[SMARTGREEN] Big Data and eco-innovative resource use in the NSR Greenhouse industry - greening the growth in horticultural production
[Carbon Farming] Carbon Farming
[BIOCAS] circular BIOmass CAScade to 100% (full proposal)
[Circ-NSR] Circular North Sea Regions - Improving Governance for the Circular Economy
[ProCirc] Circular Procurement: Accelerate circular economy through procurement power, alliance- and capacity building.
[COBEN] Delivering Community Benefits of Civic Energy
[DUAL Ports] Developing Low carbon Utilities, Abilities and potential of regional entrepreneurial Ports
[DecomTools] Eco-innovative concepts for the end of offshore wind energy farms lifecycle
[EMPOWER2.0] Empowering the citizens - Towards European Energy Market 2.0 (Enabling More People’s OWnership in Energy tRansition)
[INDU-ZERO] Industrialisation of house renovations towards energy-neutral
[NON STOP] New smart digital Operations Needed for a Sustainable Transition Of Ports
[OESA] Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance
[2imprezs] Project to implement energy saving methods and programme for energy-efficient and nearly zero-energy schools.
[WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion)] Run Wind Propulsion Technology real life trials on sea going ships in operation>showcase proven concepts>market adoption>green sea transport.
[SalFar] Saline Farming - Innovative agriculture to protect the environment and stimulate economic growth
[SCALE-UP] Supporting Clean-tech innovators in Accessing Large Enterprises through Unlocking Procurement
[Stronghouse] Sustainable housing for strong communities
[SOILCOM] Sustainable soils by quality compost with defined properties

Priority 3 Sustainable North Sea Region: Protecting against climate change and preserving the environment

[NorthSEE] A North Sea Perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environment Aspects in MSP
[BEESPOKE] Benefitting Ecosystems through Evaluation of food Supplies for Pollination to Open up Knowledge for End users
[BEGIN] Blue Green Infrastructure through Social Innovation
[BWN] Building with Nature
[C5A] Cluster for Cloud to Coast Climate Change Adaptation
[CANAPE] Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems
[FAIR] Flood infrastructure Asset management and Investment in Renovation, adaptation and maintenance
[FRAMES] Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-layEred Safety
[GEANS] Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region
[IMMERSE] IMplementing MEasuRes for Sustainable Estuaries
[Jomopans] Joint Monitoring Programme for Ambient Noise North Sea
[NSW] North Sea Wrecks - An Opportunity for Blue Growth : Healthy Environment, Shipping, Energy Production and -transmission
[NuReDrain] Nutrients Removal and Recovery from Drainage Water
[PARTRIDGE] Protecting the Areas Resources Through Researched Innovative Demonstration of Good Examples
[Sullied Sediments] Sullied Sediments - Sediment Assessment and Clean Up Pilots in Inland Waterways in the North Sea Region
[TOPSOIL] Top soil and water - The climate challenge in the near subsurface
[WaterCoG] Water Co-Governance for sustainable ecosystems
[CATCH] water sensitive Cities: the Answer To CHallenges of extreme weather events

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