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We fund projects that make a difference by tackling shared challenges across the North Sea Region. Discover our projects making the North Sea Region a better place.

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[ACCESS] Advancing Communities towards low-Carbon Energy Smart System
[SMARTGREEN] Big Data and eco-innovative resource use in the NSR Greenhouse industry - greening the growth in horticultural production
[Carbon Farming] Carbon Farming
[BIOCAS] circular BIOmass CAScade to 100% (full proposal)
[Circ-NSR] Circular North Sea Regions - Improving Governance for the Circular Economy
[ProCirc] Circular Procurement: Accelerate circular economy through procurement power, alliance- and capacity building.
[COBEN] Delivering Community Benefits of Civic Energy
[DUAL Ports] Developing Low carbon Utilities, Abilities and potential of regional entrepreneurial Ports
[DecomTools] Eco-innovative concepts for the end of offshore wind energy farms lifecycle
[EMPOWER2.0] Empowering the citizens - Towards European Energy Market 2.0 (Enabling More People’s OWnership in Energy tRansition)
[INDU-ZERO] Industrialisation of house renovations towards energy-neutral
[NON STOP] New smart digital Operations Needed for a Sustainable Transition Of Ports
[OESA] Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance
[2imprezs] Project to implement energy saving methods and programme for energy-efficient and nearly zero-energy schools.
[WASP (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion)] Run Wind Propulsion Technology real life trials on sea going ships in operation>showcase proven concepts>market adoption>green sea transport.
[SalFar] Saline Farming - Innovative agriculture to protect the environment and stimulate economic growth
[SCALE-UP] Supporting Clean-tech innovators in Accessing Large Enterprises through Unlocking Procurement
[Stronghouse] Sustainable housing for strong communities
[SOILCOM] Sustainable soils by quality compost with defined properties

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